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Brow lift – Lotion 1 – 7,5 ml

29.99 ex. VAT

Brow lamination is a completely new technology that allows you to make brows healthy and naturel! Many fans of natural beauty are happy to use this method to strengthen fluffy brows! The lamination last up to 6-8 weeks in the eyebrows. You can tint and shape the eyebrow also in the threatment.

Please always do a patch test!
Patch test strictly required minimum 48 hours before treatment.

The perfectly reshaped eyebrows will show off your clients face with an lovely natural fully look. It’s the new trend

Full Product Description

Lotion # 1 lifts the eyebrows during the Brow Lamination treatment.

Lotion 1 opens the hair structure and enables the eyebrow hairs to be permanently precisely shaped in the desired manner after a short exposure time.

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