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Refill Package henna brow hair dye

13.95 ex. VAT

All refill package henna brow hair dye colors are sold in 5gr refill bags (around 40 treatments, if you stick to the size requirements) The colors are available in blond, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, grey and black. You can fill these bags with the glass jars that you have already ordered or you can buy this separately. 

The henna should be mixed with (warm) water, so you do not have unnecessary costs for mixing products.



Full Product Description

Please do always a PATCH TEST
Allergy patch testing is important to that for every customer to do. Testing we do nowadays with every beauty product to see if allergic for a customer there is. Do we test on the wrist or behind the ears, after 24 h, there must be a response if necessary. Always there may be a very small percent that the Patch test is not done properly and still an allergy can arise, please inform the customer therefore there good at.
(PPD) is an aromatic amine used in all types of eyebrow and hair dye, this amine can cause an allergic reaction. Advise: Always test with 'black or dark brown'. There is the highest percentage of PPD.

Ingredients : Henna powder, p- phenylenediamine , p - aminophenol, sodium sulphite, carboxy methyl cellulose, Sodium Lauryl sulphate, sodium percarbonate , amla powder, shikakai powder

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