Imperium Henna

Henna comes from the henna bush (Lawsonia inermis). This bush is originally from North Africa, the Middle East, and India. Its flowers are used to elaborate perfume, while the dye powder comes from its green leaves.

Imperium Henna comes in 7 high quality pigmented colors that you can mix together or use separately. You will have a large color palette and will be able to obtain the perfect tone for each client.

Henna Imperium contains zero harsh chemicals such as ammonia, lead or hydrogen peroxide and is not harmful to the skin.

Imperium Henna colors the hair and the skin. Color remains on skin for up to 14 days (depending on skin type and eyebrow aftercare). Visibility in eyebrow hair can last up to 8 weeks. This allows to enjoy tinted brows for longer, without makeup.

Imperium henna develops much faster than other brow henna products and gives you the opportunity to work fast and book more clients per day.

Many women can benefit from henna brow tinting, including those with sparse or light-colored brows. But it also gives an extra dimension to people who already have big bold beautiful eyebrows. Imperium henna covers 100% gray hair. While many use brow pencils to fill in and darken spotty brows, in the end the results are temporary. Henna brow tinting is a semi-permanent solution that can give long-lasting results. Imperium henna is the key for people who like to wake up with perfect eyebrows.

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