How to perform the Brow lamination service?

How to perform the Brow lamination service?

      1. Introduction
      2. Requirements to offer the Brow Lamination service.
      3. Protocol of the Brow Lamination service.



In the previous article we talked about eyebrow lamination, which is the eyebrow treatment that allows correcting the direction of hair growth and giving them the shape desired by the client. In this article we want to talk to you about what are the requirements to be able to offer this service in a beauty center and how it is done.

 Requirements to offer the Brow Lamination service

The eyebrow lamination service can be offered in any beauty center that has a cabin with a stretcher, a special corner for eyebrow services or a space of about 4-5 m2 to locate it.

As we already mentioned in the post about tinting with Henna, this space should include at least one comfortable reclining hydraulic chair (with headrest, armrest and footrest), a good mirror and a working table to put the products and accessories.

Another important thing is taking a good training on brow lamination service, in order to achieve the best professional results. You must always look for a professional and specialized center to get trained.

Finally, regarding the necessary products to carry out the service, as we have already indicated in previous articles, we recommend the use of top-quality products to achieve the best results and minimize risks with clients.

Our Brow Lamination Kit includes all you need to offer this service to you customers:

  • Step 1 Lifting lotion
  • Step 2 Fixing lotion
  • Step 3 Botox
  • Brow lamination glue
  • 10 brow brushes
  • 10 lint-free applicators
  • 1 lamination plastic brush tool

Additionally, we have other products that complement this service, such as pre-inked thread for eyebrow design, brow shampoo, brow scrub, brow fixing soap, etc.

Protocol of the Brow Lamination service

As we told you in the previously, a good training is essential to achieve professional results in this treatment.

Here is a summary of the steps to follow:

    1. First, you must clean the client’s eyebrows well, removing any traces of makeup, dirt, grease, etc. and brush the eyebrows very well.
    2. Apply the glue, combing and stretching the eyebrow hair with a brow brush, to give it the desired shape.
    3. Lifting lotion is then applied with a lint-free applicator. Let the product act during the indicated time and then remove it with a dry swab.
    4. Apply the Fixing lotion and let it act during the indicated time. Remove the product with a dry swab.
    5. Finally, apply the Brow Botox to strengthen the hair’s structure penetrating the hair’s cuticle. Let the cream take effect for 5 minutes, then remove the cream with a cotton pad.

The effect of the Brow Lamination lasts 3 to 6 weeks depending on the thickness and quality of the hair and the result is so good that clients usually repeat it on a regular basis.

The aftercare tips that we usually recommend are similar to those of other treatments: do not expose the treated area to the sun during the first 24 hours, avoid oil-based make-up removers, avoid treatments with heat, steam or saunas and do not rub the area.

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