How to perform eyebrow colouring Henna service?

How to perform eyebrow colouring Henna service?

    1. Introduction.
    2. Requirements for offering eyebrow tinting service with Henna.
    3. Protocol of the Henna service.
    4. When is Brow Henna tinting recommended?


In this article we want to talk about Henna colouring service. First of all, we will talk about the requirements you should know to offer this service in your beauty centre, secondly, we will explain all details about service protocol and finally in what cases we recommend it.

Requirements for offering eyebrow tinting service with Henna.

Henna eyebrow colouring service can be offered in any beauty centre that has a stretcher in cabin with a special corner for eyebrow services or a space about 4-5 m2 to locate it.

This space should include at least a comfortable hydraulic reclining chair (with headrest, armrest and footrest), a mirror and a work table to store materials.

Another important thing is taking a good training on brow tinting with Henna in order to achieve the best professional results. You must look for a specialized and professional centre to get trained.

Always use high-quality products to achieve the best results and minimize risks with customers. We have available 2 Kits which include all products to offer Henna tinting service.

1.Henna brow starter kit contains:
    • 3 colours of Henna Brow in Capsules: Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown.
    • Tint Remover
    • Eyebrow Shampoo
    • Brow Scrub
    • Henna Activator
    • Brow tools: Mixing cup, measuring scoop and brow brush.
2.The professional kit contains:
    • 5 colours (blonde, light brown, medium brown, dark brown & grey)
    • Henna activator
    • Tinting remover
    • Cleansing lotion
    • Brow scrub
    • White brow mapping paste
    • Eyebrow brush
    • Mixing glass cup
    • Scoop & Pipette

All products and accessories are also sold separately in our online store.

Protocol of the Henna service.

As we told you before, a good training in the correct application of henna brows is very important for getting a professional result. Here is a summary of the steps to follow:

      1. The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the client’s eyebrows, removing any traces of makeup, dirt, oil, etc. and brush carefully the eyebrows.
      2. The next step is to design the eyebrow defining the area you will be working on and prepare that area.
      3. Next, you need to make the blend of tones that best suits your client’s brow hair colour.
      4. Then you apply the paste to the eyebrow surface with a applicator brush, trying not to go beyond the outlined area of ​​the eyebrow. If the skin beyond the edges gets dirty, simply pass a cotton ball soaked in Remover to clean the area.
      5. Let the first coat dry and apply a second coat of the paste.

The colour duration may vary for each client depending on their skin type, hair and care, but it would be up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 8 weeks on the hair.

Although this is a natural product, we always recommend doing an allergy test before each service.

Aftercare is similar to other treatments: do not expose the treated area to the sun for the first 24 hours, avoid oil-based makeup removers, avoid heat, steam or sauna treatments and do not rub the area.


When is Brow Henna tinting recommended?

Henna is a great option for people looking to highlight their eyebrows without resorting to other more permanent or invasive techniques such as microblading. But it is also a perfect technique as the previous step to microblading, because it allows to see the effect of a more marked eyebrow and allows the clients to get used to it before undergoing a permanent treatment.

Thanks to the shading and filling effect achieved with henna, it is ideal for people with sparse eyebrows and for those whose hair colour is too light and the eyebrows are not clearly visible.

Henna is also an alternative to traditional eyebrow tinting. It does not contain ammonia, nor many chemicals that go into the composition of traditional dye, so it is often recommended for people sensitive to chemicals.

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