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Creating symmetrical eyebrows

November 17, 2020

The problem with doing your eyebrows; symmetry. “Eyebrows are sisters, not twins,” they always say. But with brow mapping, you create the illusion of symmetry to the eyes and face, even if your face and eyebrows are uneven from side to side.

But what is brow mapping exactly?

Brow mapping means complete measuring of the eyebrows according to the proportions of your face. Based on mapping, your eyebrows can then be painted and the other hairs that fall outside the line work can be epilated or waxed. This creates beautiful clean lines in your eyebrows.

Brow mapping is possible for all types of eyebrows: little hair, a lot of hair, regularly plucked eyebrows or never plucked eyebrows. It gives you just the right shape that suits your face.

And how does brow mapping work?

Essential in brow mapping is finding the three points: the beginning, your ‘arch’ and the end. This helps shape your entire face by balancing the eyes, creating lift and defining the face.

Brow mapping allows you to create symmetry and balance in the eyebrows and face. Two different shapes of your eyebrows? Not anymore thanks to this way of measuring!

Click on the links for the browmapping thread and paste:

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