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Vitalia Partners, S.L. (hereinafter referred to by its trade name ImperiumBeautyGroup) with address in Calle del Mar Tirreno, 8, Nave E-08, 28830 San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), Spain, and with the contact email uses cookies in its website www. (hereinafter thel “Website”) in order to improve the browsing experience of the users of it (“Users”).


A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the User’s computer that accesses the Website and navigates through it and that, in particular, contains a number that allows the User’s computer to be identified univocally, even if the User changes its location or address IP.

The cookies collect information that allows us to identify you or identify your approximate location, in addition to saving information about your browsing preferences in order to provide a more personal experience in future visits to the Website. In addition, the use of cookies allows us to collect information on patterns of use of the Website in order to make improvements in our services.

Cookies are installed during navigation through the Website, either by Imperiumbeautygroup or by third parties with whom the Website is related, and allows us to know your activity in the same or in others with which it relates, for example: the place from which you access, the connection time, the device from which you access (fixed or mobile), the operating system and browser used, the most visited pages, the number of clicks made and data regarding user behavior on the Internet .

The Website is accessible without the need for cookies to be activated, although its deactivation may prevent its correct functioning.



In accordance with the cookie notice that appears in the footer of the Website, the User accepts that, when browsing through it, he expressly consents to the use of cookies by Imperiumbeautygroup according to the description that is detailed below.

The User may revoke their consent previously granted at any time, as well as configure cookies and even reject their use through the cookie configuration options offered by their Internet browser, and whose details are provided at the end of this policy .


The User browsing the Website may find cookies inserted directly by Imperiumbeautygroup (the “Owner”), or else cookies inserted by entities other than this one (“Third Parties”), as detailed in the following sections:

– Own cookies:

The Website Owner uses cookies strictly necessary to facilitate the correct navigation on the Website, as well as to ensure that the content thereof is loaded efficiently. These cookies are, in addition, session cookies, they are temporary and they expire. They are automatically deleted when the user closes their browser.

-Third party cookies:

Below are the entities other than the Owner that use cookies on the Website, as well as their purposes:

  • Social network cookies: The Owner uses Facebook and Google Plus cookies so that the user can share Web content in the aforementioned social networks, or to facilitate the registration in the Web, so that with the data that the Users have facilitated social networks can directly fill in the fields of the registration form on the Website.
Cookie Owner Function Duration
Google Analytics Google Distinguish users 2 years
Google Analytics Google Show ads when the user returns to browse

30 days

Someones may last 12 months

Adwords Google Installs when users click on an ad 30 days
Double click Google Conversion in search 12 months
Facebook Facebook Conversion in Facebook 3 months
  • Cookies to measure traffic on the website: the Owner uses Google Analytics cookies to collect statistical data on the activity of users on the Website and, in this way, to improve the services provided to Users. These cookies allow analyzing user traffic generating an anonymous user ID that is used to measure how many times a user visits the Site. It also records when it was the first and last time you visited the Website, when a session was terminated and the origin of the User.
Cookie Owner Function Duration
Identification Imperiumbeautygroup Customer identification 20 days
Google Analytics Imperiumbeautygroup Own Measurement 60 days
  • Advertising cookies: Google Adsense and Dobleclick insert cookies to the users of the Website to show them related advertising content, based on the previous interactions of the users, visits to the website of the advertiser, IP of origin, etc. In this way, with the data that is collected from the cookies, the advertisements shown on the website are published and managed more efficiently.
Cookie Owneer Function Duration
Identification DoubleClick

Tag container of Adserver for

all Campaign metrics

30 days
Google AdwordsConversion Google Conversion in camapañasSEM 30 days



You can allow, block or delete the cookies installed on your computer by configuring the browser options installed on your computer.

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