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Story of Imperium Beauty Group

Inspired by the Brow Bars in Miami

When I went on vacation with my partner in Miami (2011), I saw for the first time a Brow Bar, FABULOUS! I loved and dreamed about the idea to have my own Brow Bar. I converted my dream into reality and took the opportunity to open the first Brow Bar in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
My dream came true! After all, eyebrows are just as important as your hairstyle and when they are in shape, it makes a huge difference to your expression and face!
You only realize how important your eyebrows are when you experience the difference by yourself.

Henna Brows treatment was a big part of my daily activity in the salon, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a Henna brand that delivered the quality that me and my clients needed. I searched for a long time but finally I found a Henna producer which matched my requirements and Imperium Henna was born.

This is how the Imperium Beauty Group was created!

We always follow the latest trend in eyebrows and eyelashes and we launch our eyelash extensions in 2020.

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